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Great reasons to hit the city
Mid Valley City, of course.

Ground Floor:

Centre Court (CC)Ogawa New Massage Chair Launch 22-27 April 2014
East Atrium (EEA)Volkswagen Car Roadshow23-27 April 2014
East Lobby (EEL)Marc Jacobs - Delight Editions Fragrance21-27 April 2014
Ground South Area (GSA)Axe Deodorant Roadshow 23-27 April 2014
North Court (NC)Luxasia Fragrance Corporate Promotion21-27 April 2014
North Void (NV)Shizens Spring Look 21-27 April 2014
South Court (SC)Summer Launch With Home And Fashion21-27 April 2014
South Void (SV)Bobbi Brown House of Foundation21-27 April 2014


Lower Ground Floor:

Centre Court (CC)Beauty In You Skincare Promotion By Caring 21-27 April 2014


Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Third Floor, Centre Court:

Hall 1Indian Wedding Fair 201425-27 April 2014
Hall 3India - Malaysia Expo 2014 (Education - Property - Medical - Tourism)26-27 April 2014